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Lupa J- Put Me Back Together (Single Review)

“I tell you I can breathe fire/You say you don’t wanna know/Is this not what you desire?”

Lupa J, a Sydney-based electropop personality created by nineteen-year-old Imogen Jones, is a young artist with an already impressive pedigree. An alumnus of Triple J Unearthed High, Lupa’s backing in classical violin and composition is making for some interesting twists in the electropop sphere. Her newest track, Put Me Back Together, demonstrates an ambition and craft that shows tremendous promise for the young artist.


The track is easy to fall into. Lupa creates a surround-soundscape with a danceable pace; it contains all the synthesised and percussive elements expected of a club track. The lyrics and their expression are deceptively simple, but the content of the easy rhyme is anything but superficial. Lupa speaks of herself as a personality bursting from the seams— she is a fire-breathing force of nature, but her object of affection doesn’t seem interested in anything further than the facade.

Put Me Back Together is feminist poetry thinly veiled by a unique, yet familiar electronic mix. It’s infectious and invasive in the best sense; the simple bass line is nearly sinister, the percussive licks are erratic and intoxicating, and the classically-inspired piano and strings that play the track in and out encourage multiple hits of the replay button.


While only nineteen, Lupa J’s compositional prowess and lyrical speaks of a wisdom and agency that is severely underrepresented in popular music. Put Me Back Together will officially launch at the Newtown Social Club on April 11.

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