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Put gravity aside for a moment and float in the abyss of Moon Brain’s interstellar thrill ride.

As Dave Rogers returns from touring with indie heat Nantes, he delivers his personal project, Moon Brain, with a 7-song LP relating heavily towards the moon’s cycles and its effects on human behaviour.

Chronicle, the second song on the LP, deals in melodic yet somewhat unique guitar strokes that seem just out of reach of this world’s atmosphere. The lyrics point out how distant we are from the ground we stand on, asking: ‘Is there no way? This is the price we pay. Is there no way? To wake from such decay?’ Perhaps, Rogers is pre-empting our species arrival and colonisation of the moon.

A blatant expression towards how humans have changed the world in such a short time, Lost your Mind states ‘Count your stars and stand there still… Backwards thoughts, with pockets filled, you lose your mind. You lost your mind.

The LP seems a reflection of how we as a genus are slowly growing and expanding, learning more yet never satiating our curiosity.

The latter few songs of the LP, while sustaining the celestial keynote, lack a sound that seizes the conception of a Moon Brain’. The song Television delivers a sensation without gravity as the gentle riff plays with lyrics surrounding astronomically terrestrial thought.

Constant of its core, Roger’s constellation of tunes just stays outside the orbit of mainstream music. Still, it is out of this traditional world to be alternative.





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