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Reviewer – Chloe Jover-Anderson



Never Shout Never are back in OZ for the first time since 2015 as part of the Throwback Tour; playing five shows in five days. 

In recent months, Australia has been blessed with an array of throwback and anniversary tours – Never Shout Never included. These shows are such a spectacular to see as generally artists tour to debut a new album or just a flimsy press release tour. Christopher Drew was more than clear Friday night declaring all songs that were to be performed on the night were released prior of 2011.

It was as though we were all transported back in time. Coon tails were on show, black on black on black, a few studs here and there, and not to mention the array of colourful locks featured all throughout the audience. Where were the hiptops; wait subtract that; where were the motorola razr’s? We were living in Myspace glory.



No set list was in place for the evening as patrons eagerly shouted song after song and awaited to hear those ‘old school’ jams. Never Shout Never performed emo cult classics such as Trouble and Big City Dreams. One lucky fan from down the front must of been in 2008 heaven when she was pulled onto stage to sing Happy for the crowd. Oh what an experience; what a show.

Small venues are known to give a somewhat more intimate feel; and Crowbar certainly delivered. It was as though we were transported back to Seattle in the early 90’s in what was a basement extravaganza. And Christopher Drew’s so called ‘fashion’ made us forget that right next door, patrons were probably droppin’ to the beats of The Chainsmokers on another Friday night in Fortitude Valley.

As there was no set list in place, fewer and fewer songs were placed, with large gaps in between each. With beers in hand, NSN were more than happy to take their time and ‘chat’ between each song; giving somewhat ‘spiritual’ guidance and wisdom to all in the room. Forty five minutes into the set, and Christopher still believed they’d only been playing for ten; oh that poor sound technician. After numerous outcries for weed and a quick (or maybe not so quick) snare change, Never Shout Never delivered a short but memorable set.


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