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PANAMA – ‘Hope for Something’ EP Review


A wide range of emotion, cascading down in blissful melodies from tune to tune, portray what life has been in the ways of Panama.

Since we last touched with Jarrah McCleary with the EP, Always, a story unfolds that depicts the journey that has led to Hope for Something’s release.

Looking back I think the feel for the record as a whole is optimism despite loss and loneism… That’s not really a word is it?” McCleary certainly does have a distinctive tongue.

Two months ago, Panama released their title track and we were treated to the vibe of the EP with lyrics stating “There’s a ghost of still life, electrifies me sometimes.” Using the ghost to personify himself and his past, Panama galvanises us by means of telling a story through the mighty melody.

“Maybe it’s (song-writing) my way of making sense of it all, although the world doesn’t all make sense does it?” said McCleary.

The songs that follow maintain an upbeat pace while depicting the truth and hardships of a man who has loved, lost and learned.

How heartbreaking it must be to capture the downfall of a life and perpetuate their existence. In “I watched you Slip” and “Undertow” McCleary states his despair by saying ‘I’ll see you in another life, but I wont forget you, I wont forget you.’

You can tell that an album is on their mind, we just hope that the road that Panama rides along is hit with more inspiration so that we can be blessed with the masterful synth skillset and prowess on the piano that has been proved in this EP, and those before it.


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