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Q & A with Running Touch

One of Melbourne’s newest additions to the electronic circuit, Running Touch, has just dropped a new single, Lovely. His debut EP titled A Body Slow will be out on March 31.

Following on from a breakout 2016 that saw the release of Aubrey, a contagiously catchy dance track, and tagging along with SAFIA on their national tour, things are only going to get bigger for the young musician. We did a quick Q & A with him before he jumps over to the USA to be a part of SXSW.

Running Touch

Congratulations on the release of your new single, Lovely. How did the song come together? Did you work with anyone else during the production of the track?

Thank you! I wrote the base of the song some time ago. I’ve learnt if I don’t know what to do with something at that time I just sit on it. And then during when I was in Sydney I wrote all the vocals and it came to be in a matter of a day. A very talented producer Eric helped me over the line with it and mixed it!


Your debut EP is out in March. Has it been a long time coming? How are you feeling about releasing more music to the world? Nervous/excited/relieved?

It’s been too long. It’s terraformed [sic] several times and since I’ve written so much new music it got to a point where a lot of it felt frustrating for me. But through re-engineering the concept and switching some songs, I’m a lot more confident now. I just want it out there, that chapter of my life.

What can we expect from your first EP? 

I think it’s a very blatant testament to where everything is at the moment. It’s not overly ambitious, it’s a modest sized EP. Conceptually, I capped it at a sane point. It’s not too elaborate, it’s a beautiful message to me which I think at one point I forgot was the important thing. I was substituting being elaborate and conceptual for honest.


You are about to head over to SXSW. Are you going to be able to spend much time over in the US? Have you lined up anytime in the studio over there or any collaborations? Or maybe some relaxation time? 

I imagine I’ll be trying to cram in as much work as possible. I’m sure I can rest when I’m home.
Running Touch

How do you expect your music to be received in the United States? Have you played over there before?

I’ve never played abroad before. It’s comforting knowing streaming services do allow a gateway to different countries, it’s a great starting point. All I can do from there is bring my A game.


You tagged along with SAFIA on a huge national tour late last year. What were the most memorable moments from that experience? 

I think seeing the boys after their first Sydney show encore and their Tasmania shows. Overwhelmed. The Tasmania’s show success was a complete wildcard, they were amazing.


You are quite secretive on social media in terms of showing your face. What were your motivations for starting to do this? 

It made a lot of sense for a lot of reasons. But it was very in-line with where I was as a person at that time.


Producers and electronic artists create vastly different live set-ups and shows. What do you hope to achieve from your live shows? How do you translate your music onto the stage? 

In Australia, I’d almost disagree. At a certain level, almost everyone uses very similar gear, plays the same festivals and follows a similar procedure. I try (key word ‘try’ as I have not at all achieved this) to draw from the different genres of projects I’ve been in and find a point of differentiation.

Five Quick Questions

Favourite venue you have played in?

Probably the World bar in Sydney or my recent Riva gig in Melbourne.

Biggest influence?

Probably MJ

Most interesting bucket list item?

Not sure if I can share them.

What did you want to be as a child?

The Rocketeer, Zac Morris from Saved By The Bell or a Cowboy

One instrument you’d love to learn?

Saxophone. I just got one!


Running Touch will be touring around Australia through April and May. For more information on tickets, visit his social media accounts (links below)

A Body Slow National Tour
Fri 21 Apr  Uno Dance Club, Geelong
Sat 22 Apr  Corner Hotel, Melbourne
Fri 28 Apr  Hudson Ballroom, Sydney
Sat 29 Apr  Groovin The Moo, Maitland
Fri 05 May  Cats, Rocket Bar, Adelaide
Sat 06 May  Hooch, The Brighton, Mandurah
Sun 07 May  Aviary Rooftop Sessions, Perth
Sat 13 May  Impala, Auckland NZ
Fri 19 May  Elsewhere, Gold Coast
Sat 20 May  The Foundry, Brisbane


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