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Q & A with Totally Unicorn

The explosive and wildly unpredictable Totally Unicorn are a hard act to top. Euphemisms aplenty but don’t be fooled into thinking these Wollongong lads are anything but a serious metal band. Their addition to this year’s  Cherry Rock is testament to their growing popularity and one of the must see performances of the festival.

Totally Unicorn | Britt Andrews

Your live performances have to be seen to be believed. Raucous, intense, interactive and scantily clad. Last time I saw you, you had managed to incorporate an otto bin into your show, performing one track inside the otto, only to jump out again, bolt around the venue with 60ft of microphone cable and eventually sliding the mic into your wire fronts. That was the first song!

What inspiring bands did you watch when attending gigs as a punter and what was it that you saw lacking in the realm of live performance?

For myself there are so many different bands that inspire me and the best part about it is I only have to walk down the road to see them! I don’t think I saw anything lacking in the live realm we are just doing our own take and performing how the music makes us feel and if that’s dancing around in our underpants and jumping in bins well that’s what we are going to do.


You have played with Frenzal Rhomb, one of Australia’s most enduring punk outfits. Did they offer any words of wisdom in regards to what it takes it make it in this industry?

Only to stop acting like dickheads …


You hail from Wollongong which is known for its waves, steel and Tumbleweed. Does what you see and hear from the gong make its way into your lyrics/music?

There are only two of us now that came from The Gong now so unfortunately not all the lyrics/music are about rats tails, doing laps of the beach in our cars and which of the two Chinese restaurants are better … anymore.

Aside from your killer shows, even your merch is awesome. Taking vinyl to the next level, your limited edition 9 Inches was a pink C&B. Can you explain how you even got that vinyl into production?

Well there was actually two versions a pink one called 7-inches and then the black version which was 9-inches.

All I can say is anything is possible.


Get your copy of “Dream Life” by clicking above.


Your album Dream Life has been out for a little while now which begs the question: according to Totally Unicorn, what is a dream life?

Well it’s definitely not what was wrote about [sic] in the album but I guess if I had to say my ideal Dream Life would be a life without My Kitchen Rules.


You will be performing on the Cherry Rock bill in May, do you alter your shows for a festival slot or treat it as you would a stand-alone show?

We treat every show like it is our last … because we are that unfit.


What acts on the bill are you keen to check out?

For myself I am really looking forward to seeing The Dwarves. They are definitely a band that can put on a great show and turn the weird up to 100.


What else in on the cards for Totally Unicorn in 2017?

Well these will be the first shows with our new drummer Myers. So other than fattening him up and him getting an alcohol problem, we are busy writing new material for an album by the end of the year.


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