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Interview with J Motor

The effervescent J Motor is a man on a mission. His crusade to empower people and spread a revolution of audio love is one that he champions through his music, production and creative director roles. Armed with his single and video clip Meet In The Sky, we take a moment to chat with J Motor and find out what his is attracted to.


Hi and thanks for taking the time out to speak with us here at AMNplify.
Your film clip Meet In The Sky looks like it was a blast to make. With the best dancer on stage (being yourself, front row and centre), were the rest of the dancers a collection of friends and associates or did you draft in an official dance troupe to join you on stage


Well thank you, we had so much fun creating this video. The team and I pulled this group of dancers from all different places. My amazing sister Sarah-Vyne is a Choreographer so some came from her network and we also used an agencies called Dargie Entertainment, who have some amazing performers at hand. 


The track is an upbeat, up tempo tune with hints of Daft Punk-esk hooks. Did you have a very clear cut vision for this track from the onset or did it slowly evolve and become richer as time and production went on?


I first wrote this song a long time ago and one thing I know is when a song reaches the production stage, be ready to let it take on another life. I’m lucky to have a killer team in that regard working with artist I love and trust to help push the limits of production.

J Motor Murmuration

J Motor Murmuration


You have a wonderfully upbeat attitude towards your music and the power of people believing that change for the better is within everyone’s grasp. You must finding it testing at times considering the ongoing and escalating tensions in the world. How do you reconcile the desire for human good and struggles of people around the globe who often face insurmountable odds?


This is defiantly a constant battle and something that I’m always asking myself. The world is a heated place right now with so many questions and issues arising every day. I believe in people and think we give far too much power to people with power. In my day to day Life I’m always encouraging people and their gifts and keep a very open mind to what people believe and I enjoy learning from that.


If J Motor wrote an open letter to the world, what would be some of the key notes?


Find beautify in the darkness, understand that everyone has their own truth and it doesn’t have to be the same as yours, don’t settle and be comfortable with your life, always push yourself to be a better person (as hard as that might seem) I’m attracted to people that are always challenging them self. There’s so much I could say for the last two question. Coffee anyone?


What inspiring acts caught your attention when growing up and the ways they delivered their messages?


Throughout history music has always been the greatest way of sending a message, so the range of the question is too great to answer


The triangle between music, art and the visual medium is often an equilateral one and for you, it extends to being a creative director and producer. Do you think it is increasingly more necessary to have a diverse range of talents to make it in the industry these days in order to stand out from the crowd?


I try not to worry about that too much. I’m blessed to have a range of talents and it would be selfish of me to fail.

J Motor

J Motor



What does the rest of 2017 have install for you?


Rising Tide… That’s my next single. I do have the greater video for the year but I like to take one step at a time I’m excited to share what’s next and have great vision for my art in 2017.

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