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“The Way You Used To Do”

(Single Review) – 16/06/17



After what feels like days of being teased mercilessly with first, a new website with an old-school tv – filled mostly with static (though one station had the words “All my confusion is waving goodbye.”), mysterious film clips and then a hilarious clip of Mr Joshua Homme taking a polygraph test (and failing badly at it while melting many hearts with that wink at the end…), Queens of The Stone Age finally dropped their first song off their new album Villians (produced by none other than DJ Mark Ronson) last night.

It has groove, it has rhythm, it has screaming guitars and it really showcases the sublime voice of Homme. In fact, this track would not be out of place in a swinging 50s bar filled with greaser couples. It is still very much a rock song but just makes you want to dance up a storm rather than just stand there and mosh (and if the film clip isn’t set in a swinging 50s bar with Homme and Co dressed as Greasers; pushing open the door violently; everyone just stopping to look at them in fear before they break out this song and the whole room starting to Jive….then it really should be!).

The Way You Used To Do is so quintessentially Queens and yet so far removed from anything that they have done before that this will almost certainly divide fans far and wide – especially as you can really hear Mark Ronson’s influence. It is definitely a song that you need to listen to more than once before you make up your mind and decide whether Homme has either lost his mind…..or once again proves that he is a pure musical genius.

Of course, once again….they have successfully teased us with a taste of what’s to come. The album is already available for pre-order through iTunes and with a North American tour already been announced, let’s hope that a full Australian Tour will be happening sooner rather than later.


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