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Rhubarb Records – Rhubarb Jam – Batch One (Album Review)

Local record label, Rhubarb Records, are gearing up in anticipation of the first in their annual Rhubarb Jam series. The compilation is a celebration of Perth’s ever-growing music scene and focuses on the experimental and psychedelia movements of the city.

Demonstrating the monstrous virtuoso and eclectic abilities, 10 of Perth’s finest each submitted a single for ‘Rhubarb Jam – Batch One’.

I spoke to Dylan Sainsbury, the man behind Rhubarb Records, to see why he chose to create an exclusively-on-vinyl compilation featuring these specific acts;  

“I get a lot of music dropped into the shop, and a lot of bands don’t have the resources to get onto vinyl… To showcase the up and coming vibrant scene of music in Perth, I wanted to give them the opportunity to showcase songs on a record but also to cross promote the bands between different scenes.”


Rhubarb Records

Rhubarb Records

The album is a mix-bag of genres that flow and transition between each track satisfyingly. Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, Mayor Dadi, Fuzz Toads and The Weapon is Sound give the album a psychedelia glue that holds the batch together. Aborted Tortoise, Moana, The Drools and don&jon deliver some hard-hitting tracks that push the collection to heavy limits. The Weapon is Sound’s Thundercracker Dub sets the album of with a bang, mixing dub and psychedelia that embodies the spirit of Perth experimentation.

“Some of them are guys I follow on bandcamp, quite a few I’ve met through the store and at gigs. I like what all these bands are doing. There’s potential that in years or even months to come that there will be an explosion in their popularity.”

Childsaint’s track Used Up creates a scenery that driving through the California’s desert sunset must feel like, while Aborted Tortoises’ Bees 1 & Bees 2 will drive you back to the city of L.A. to reminisce on the sounds of that historic punk scene.


Rhubarb Records

Rhubarb Records

“Everything that’s on the record is new material that hasn’t been released on vinyl at this stage. With it being an extremely limited release, each batch will be released annually and become a collector’s item for Perth music lovers.”

The result is a record that sounds great and encapsulates the spirit of the various music scenes it touches upon. Experimentation within dub, psychedelia and punk will have anyone excited for each of the artists upcoming release and will certainly initiate an interest in Perth music for those who weren’t in the first place.


Rhubarb Records are launching Rhubarb Jam – Batch One on March 18. You can preorder a copy through their website here.



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