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‘Crisis Fest’

(Single Review)

Reviewer: Esther Triffitt



Prior to the release of album ‘Twentytwo in Blue’ on March 23rd, New York trio Sunflower Bean have unveiled new single and video, ‘Crisis Fest’.

The video and its nature in particular depicts emulates a 90s rock and roll set, coupled with lyrics that discuss the power of young people. Though ‘Crisis Fest’ could be seen as a step down lyrically from previous release ‘I Was a Fool’, the song doesn’t fail to communicate the band’s raw honesty, paired with the portrayed glamour of rock and roll.

The video half way through cuts to a question posed to a group of adolescents,

“What’s it like being young in 2017?”,

to which one replied;

“really fucking lost”.

Though ultimately, despite the constancy of references to today’s volatile political climate and cultural shifts, the album, and this new single itself go beyond this. Lead singer Julia Cumming describes the aim of the songs

“to be something that someone can get attached to, and have be a part of them”.

For a song, and album to be so relatable in times of political, social, and cultural despair is something to allow this to be remembered, and Sunflower Bean from just two releases off the sophomore album, may have done just that.
The energetic sound that seems to be coming from what we have so far heard of ‘Twentytwo in Blue’, shows the band’s progression from previous album ‘Human Ceremony’, that took the listener on a journey through dreamy indie-rock, all while not losing their bold and definitive sense of cool.



‘Twentytwo in Blue’ Tracklist:

‘Burn It’

‘I Was a Fool’


‘Crisis Fest’


‘Puppet Strings’

‘Only a Moment’

‘Human For’

‘Any Way You Like’

‘Sinking Sands’

‘Oh No, Bye Bye’