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THE CHAINSMOKERS – “Memories…Do Not Open” (Album Review)

The American EDM pop duo The Chainsmokers exploded onto the music scene about a year ago producing and releasing smash hit after hit. The Chainsmokers are the genius minds behind the smash hits Don’t Let Me Down feat. Daya, Closer feat. Halsey, Paris and Something Just Like This feat. Coldplay. Receiving 175 million streams on Spotify and 265 million views on Youtube proving the duo are going from strength to strength each and every time The Chainsmokers have left listeners wanting more but everyone the wait is finally over as The Chainsmokers debut album titled Memories…. Do Not Open, is out now. Their album consists of twelve tracks collaborating with various artists like Jhene Aiko, Florida Georgia Line, Emily Warren and Louane.

The Chainsmokers
The full track list is as below :
Track list
1. The One
2. Break Up Every Night
3. Bloodstream
4. Don’t Say (feat. Emily Warren)
5. Something Just Like This
6. My Type
7. It Won’t Kill Ya (feat. Louane)
8. Paris
9. Honest
10. Wake Up Alone (feat. Jhene Aiko)
11. Young
12. Last Day Alive (feat. Florida Georgia Line)

After listening to the Memories.. Do Not Open album all the way through, personally there were a couple of banging tracks that really moved me as they were lyrically beautiful and technically executed and produced well. The first stand out track for me was track number four titled Don’t Say Feat. Emily Warren. From beginning to end the track had me dancing around making me lose all self control, later realising that I was dancing at the bus station. The song itself I think is lyrically beautiful as it is about a relationship that is about to end because one is fed up with the mistakes that constantly happen. Being able to read over the lyrics the song is quite hard hitting lyrically but is still at the same time catchy and upbeat. Right from the very start of the song with the explosion of alternative sounds and layering of tones you know straight away that it is coming to a banger track. With the slow fading in and out of tones at the start of the song, to the quick but yet subtle base drops after every chorus, I personally think it’s genius because its unexpected and it keeps the listener on their toes waiting and wanting to hear more. However I think overall this track Don’t Say feat. Emily Warren is definitely a hit track in my eyes as its a feel good song that is lyrically high in emotion.

The Chainsmokers

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The second stand out track on the album would be track number ten titled Wake Up Alone feat. Jhene Aiko. Right from the very beginning of the song with an introduction to the layering and blending of tones and sounds sets the overall mood of the song for the listener, 5 as they are preparing the listener for what is yet to come. The sweet voice of Jhene Aiko gives the song an edgy tone to the song as her voice juxtaposes the sounds and music used behind her. The chorus when Jhene Aiko sings “Do you stay when it all goes ?, or will I wake up alone ?” the subtle transition but high impact base drop leaving the listeners heart basically drop (just like the base) as you are left haunted by the words last sang by Jhene Aiko , the juxtaposition of the sweet voice of Jhene Aiko with the blending of the unexpected high impact base drop.

The Chainsmokers

I think overall The Chainsmokers debut album titled Memories… Do Not Open is a well written album you tell as each and every song on the album has heart and soul put into it. Once you listen to the album all the way through you realise very quickly that all the tracks flow really well after another and really compliment each other well. Ideally I would play this album on full blast whilst I’m driving or going on a road trip as it is high energy, extremely upbeat and overall a feel good album that subtly addresses hard hitting topics. The Chainsmokers debut album titled Memories… Do Not Open , is out now make sure you check it out and grab yourself a copy.



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