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@ 170 Russell

12/11/2017 (Live Review)

If I told you to picture your ideal Sunday night, it would probably evoke images of a quiet evening, surrounded by a couple of loved ones, with bellies full of food. Whatever you envisioned, I’m sure it strongly contrasts to a GROWLERS concert. I can assure you, however, that this is, in fact, a perfect way to spend your Sunday night.



Hailing from the States, bands like The Growlers don’t get to tour Australia very often. It takes a lot of effort to bring a band all the way over here, especially when they comprise of seven members. As a result of being geographically isolated, restless fans were waiting out the front of 170 Russell. The line almost only consisted of fans donned in denim jackets, proudly wearing their ironed on Growlers patches. It was refreshing to be in a crowd absent of overly eager adolescent boys. As a testament to The Growlers talents, it was evident that the crowd was there solely for the music and not just to get rowdy on the weekend.To say that anticipation was high would have been an understatement.

Lead singer Brooks Nielsen was last on stage, half a glass of wine in his hand for full theatrical effect. As Nielsen starts singing, it immediately becomes apparent why they call themselves The Growlers, his raspy vocals narrating the evening. The band as a whole played so tightly and consistently, a significant feat for such a large rock band.


The Growlers Music

The Growlers


While the boys were here for their latest album City Club, these tracks didn’t even amount to half of the set list. With five albums and three EPs, they seemed determined to play as much of their discography as possible. The crowd’s energy only ascended throughout the evening, however, even those with sleepy eyes at the back appeared to be murmuring every lyric. I’m sure their energy was significantly lacking at work the next morning.

Nielsen kept announcing that they were about to play their last song but four or five songs seemed to blend together in a grungy faze, and the smell of weed grew stronger. You’d think after a two-hour set that the night was well and truly complete, albeit the crowd stubbornly began chanting the familiar

“one more song!”

and the band happily obliged.




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