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2018 is looking to be the year of The Hunna. Coming off the back of their debut album “100” The UK heartthrobs and their High Time label mates, COASTS, made their Melbourne debut last night at Richmond’s very own Corner Hotel. Arriving in Australia for the first time ever only a few days earlier, both bands were extremely excited to continue the OZ tour and play for us in Melbourne.

Brisbane natives The Comfort opened the show with a bang playing a song off their EP love, called “Everstone”. The alt-rock four-piece came onstage looking to prove themselves, and despite not being familiar with the band prior to the gig I found myself intrigued by their potential. While I definitely enjoyed their performance, there were times when I found it difficult to understand the lyrics, be this technical fault or in the execution of the song, there is indeed room for improvement. The Comfort played a short set to which they added a cover of The 1975’s cult classic, “Robbers”. This had the entire crowed enthralled, singing along to the iconic track. Ending their performance with their new track “Mesada” the band were quick to thank COASTS and The Hunna for bringing them along for the ride.

Jamming three bands into one night can be a bit of a logistical nightmare, but the crew effortlessly transitioned the stage for the next performers. COASTS set was a euphoric blur. Opening with hit single “Modern Love” the band floated across the stage with a contagious joy that radiated from singer Chris Caines. Playing songs off their debut album ‘COASTS’ and their recently released sophomore album “This Life Vol.1”. The catchy alt-pop melodies had the whole room captivated. Chris took every opportunity to express their gratitude for being able to come all the way to Australia and receive such a warm welcome. Drummer Ben Street could often be seen standing up from his kit and hyping up the crowd, It was refreshing to see so much audience interaction from a drummer. Right before the band broke into the song “Take me back home”, Chris exclaimed how he in fact does not want to go back home, and how he doesn’t understand how anyone from the UK could ever visit our lovely country and ever want to leave. And suffice to say I don’t think anyone wants them to go home either.

COASTS finished their powerful set with their number one track “Oceans”. Ironically the crowd, who were all jumping around belting the lyrics “we fell in love, right by the ocean”, began to resemble an ocean of bodies themselves. If there was anyone who wasn’t already a fan of these brits, they will be after tonight!

The Hunna burst onto the stage with gusto! Only to start their set with the acoustic version of “You & Me”, a questionable choice but it felt right. After the first verse they swiftly transitioned into the original rock version of the song, getting the crowd gassed for what was to come. The undeniably cool four piece smashed out the tracks from their debut album “100” which had the entire crowd in awe of the energy front man Ryan Potter exuberates on stage. The Hunna are gearing up to release their second album “DARE” in May, and they treated us to their latest single off this record “Flickin’ Your Hair”. After quite a few fast-passed songs Ryan took a break to talk about how much they love Australia and how it’s everything they thought it would be and more, even recounting in detail his experience petting a python at the wildlife park that they had visited earlier. Ryan also explained that they had been receiving an influx of messages on twitter asking the band to play the acoustic version of “Bad For You” which is my friends & my favourite song (sorry, those tweets were 90% me). He obliged and made a lot of people very happy. The boys powered through the remainder of the set. A moment comes to mind when two girls jumped on the stage and briefly danced to “She’s Casual” before being escorted by security back into the crowd. I was surprised by how nonchalant the band was with this distracting situation. If anything id say they found it quite funny. After ending the set with the first song the band ever wrote and their biggest hit “Bonfire”, the boys swiftly departed the stage leaving us all in awe of how fast the night had unfolded. The room erupt into a chant of “One more song. One more song”. To which we were greeted back on stage to drummer Jack Metcalf picking up the guitar, and Front man Ryan Potter getting behind the kit. A little shocked they played around with the instruments for a bit, Jack even jokingly sang a few bars. The boys swapped back to their positions and smashed out the final encore “We Could Be”. The band exited the stage for good and the crowd was left buzzing.

This was one of the greatest shows I’ve experienced in a long time. I got the chance to spend some time chatting with both The Hunna & COASTS after the show, and as well as being some of the best performers, they are also some of the most down to earth and humble people I know. I for one cannot wait for both bands to return to Australia and play some more amazing shows. And I’m sure I’m not alone.



  • Modern Love

  • Heart Starts Beating

  • Let Me Love You

  • Paradise

  • You

  • A Rush Of Blood

  • Come On Over

  • Tonight

  • Take Me Back Home

  • Oceans


  • You & Me Intro (Acoustic)

  • You & Me

  • Still Got Blood

  • Never Enough

  • Piece By Piece

  • Flickin’ Your Hair

  • Bad For You Intro (Acoustic)

  • Bad For You

  • Summer

  • She’s Casual

  • Bonfire

  • Bonfire Outro


  • We Could Be



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