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The Jezabels & Childsaint @ Fremantle Town Hall 27/10/17 (Live Review)

The Jezabels

THE JEZABELS  Photo – Pete Gardner



Fremantle is a city rich in history and culture that boasts a thriving arts community. The annual ten day Fremantle Festival celebrates and showcases it’s unique culture across a variety of novel venues. Day 2 of the festival saw Sydney based outfit The Jezabels take over the stunning Fremantle Town Hall, bringing along of Perth’s very own Childsaint for the ride.

Since their inception in 2013, Childsaint have done very well for themselves, earning high rotation on radio stations such as RTRFM and Triple-J as well as receiving a WAM award nomination for their song Hallelujah Heartache in 2016. Childsaint have a clear love affair with their guitar pedals and effects. Underneath the fuzzy soundscapes, there is very limited melodic progression, however the repetitive fuzzy drone lends to the melancholy lyrics. The appreciative crowd expressed their enjoyment with applause at the conclusion of each song.



CHILDSAINT Photo – Pete Gardner


Good lighting often enhances the live concert experience; However, tonight’s poor execution was a major distraction. Not only was the stage bathed in red for the entire duration of the performance (The worst colour for visibility ever!), the spotlights often did not overlap, leaving dark patches on the stage obscuring the audiences view of band members.

Fortunately, The Jezabels don’t need to be seen in order to captivate their audience. Their sound is enough to draw people in, and they are an incredibly tight live unit. All band members are incredibly good at what they do. Nic Kaloper providing a steady percussive backdrop, while Heather Shannon and Samuel Lockwood work together to create their particular atmospheric 80’s synth inspired sound. But the biggest show stopping feature of The Jezabels‘ sound is Hayley Mary‘s incredibly powerful and unique voice. Not even the consistent consummation of alcoholic beverages throughout the night affected the quality of her voice. It did, however, affect her in between song banter and dancing intensity which increasingly became looser as the night went on.


The Jezabels

THE JEZABELS (Hayley Mary) Photo – Pete Gardner


Tonight’s performance comprised of an exceptionally well thought out setlist that included songs from every EP and LP release spanning their entire career. Ever the rebellious rock stars, The Jezabels laughed in the face of the rules by playing half an hour past their scheduled one-hour time limit. And the crowd were absolutely loving it, showing their appreciation by swaying to the music during songs and shouting their adoration for the band between songs. Not one person left Fremantle Town Hall unsatisfied.




  1. Mace Spray

  2. Endless Summer

  3. City Girl

  4. Long Highway

  5. The Others

  6. Easy to Love

  7. Sahara Mahala

  8. Disco Biscuit Love

  9. Look of Love

  10. Pleasure Drive

  11. If Ya Want Me

  12. Angels of Fire

  13. Got Velvet


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