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English pop rock band The Kooks continue to prove that even after 10 years, they’ve still got it! The Melbourne Festival Hall comes in as their first headline show of 2018, amidst a string of sideshows to accompany the Falls Festival dates.

The night kicked off with a bang, as Australian band The Belligerents, performed their opening set. A perfect way to begin the night. Getting everyone hyped with their loud and energetic indie/dance music. Front man Lowis’s erratic dancing, while sometimes laughable, radiated joy. If given the chance definitely go see these guys live.


The Kooks


We were greeted to an impressive lighting display before the band swiftly transitioned into their first songs of the night, “Eddie’s Gun”. It seemed only fitting that the bad opened the show with their debut single. The track ignites the same excitement and lively enthusiasm now as it did when it was released in 2005. Setting the scene for what was to come, the boys powered through their next few hit tracks “Sofa Song”, and “Ooh La”.

Crowd favourite “Bad Habit” came about quite early in the set. Luke Prichard started off the song by flexing his vocals, and requesting the crowd join him in his chant. The upbeat anthem had everyone dancing and singing along. At this stage I wondered whether the band could keep up this energy.



With little to no breaks in between songs, the band moved through their set in what felt like a heartbeat. The band briefly expressed their gratitude toward their Australian fans. Exclaiming how wonderful it is to receive such love and a warm welcome on the other side of the world. They also professed a desire for Australia to be much closer to the UK, which unfortunately isn’t going to happen. Sorry boys.

Luke Pritchard’s tribute to his father “See Me Now” is touching, and I will admit I may have shed a tear during this emotional song. The rest of the set was very upbeat. The band powered though the rest of their set playing many tracks off their first album; we were bound to feel nostalgic. The end of the set was a blur. The lights. The screams. The dancing. It was really something wonderful.

At the beginning of the encore Luke returns alone, accompanied by his acoustic guitar for the ‘Seaside’. Silence befell the crowd as the sweet lyrics rang out clear as day. The party rounded out with the bands hits ‘Always Where I Need To Be’ & of course, the Kooks’ most iconic song ‘Naive’.


The Kooks


Set list:

  • Eddie’s Gun

  • Sofa Song

  • Be Who You Are

  • Ooh La

  • Bad Habit

  • Down

  • She Moves In Her Own Way

  • Westside

  • Do You Wanna

  • See Me Now

  • Matchbox

  • You Don’t Love Me

  • Is It Me?

  • Sway

  • Around Town

  • See The World

  • Shine On

  • Junk Of The Heart (Happy)


  • Seaside

  • Always Where I Need To Be

  • Naive