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Torrential Thrill – Nothing As It Seems (Album Review)

Nothing As It Seems is the second studio album from four-piece Melbourne band Torrential Thrill. Slightly more crisp production and what seems to be a greater focus on vocals makes this album a great follow up to 2015’s Mars. Torrential Thrill manage to create a dirty, fast and heavy beast. If you like your rock and roll served straight up, Nothing As It Seems is an album for you.

Waking the Neighbours is the first single off Nothing As It Seems. High voltage riffs, gang vocals and a sneaky reference to the iconic Gershwin room make it an incredibly fun song. Certainly, a lighter song than most off Nothing As It Seems, but also one of the strongest. A tad reminiscent of Van Halen’s early work, it’s made for listening to with a beer in your hand and a smile on your face.

Torrential Thrill

Nothing As It Seems is a well-balanced track. Using a build-up of almost clean guitars, the blistering riffs only begin during the chorus backed with the chants of “I can’t wait here, while the city is burning”, which brings the heaviness of the song back. Nothing As It Seems is probably the best song on the album and the one that reflects Torrential Thrill’s style the most.

One of the most notable tracks on the album, Not My President, is a ballsy offering in a scene where political commentary can make or break a band. It hosts riffs that sound straight out of Black Sabbath’s Master of Reality and vocals to parallel James Hetfield’s. If you’re not a Trump fan and like your metal old school, you will love this.

Torrential Thrill

Ballads can be a risky in heavy albums and can often feel out of place or awkward. However, Through the Fire fits in perfectly and displays some of the best work musically from Torrential Thrill. Chris Malcher’s strong vocals ensure the song is still big and bold, and the mix of acoustic and electric throughout the song builds anticipation, allowing the solo to shine through once it arrives.

Nothing As It Seems showcases great versatility, something that can occasionally be lost on rock bands. But Torrential Thrill’s use of powerful vocals, clean and exciting solos and a hybrid hard rock and metal sound make them a band worth listening to. Not often do modern bands manage to twist classic sounds into something new and exciting, but that’s exactly what Torrential Thrill have done.

Torrential Thrill are playing their album launch show at Cherry Bar in Melbourne on April 8th.

Nothing As It Seems is currently available for pre-order and will be available to purchase on April 1st from Hell Fire Records.

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