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‘My My My!’

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Shine on, diamond”, it’s the first line from Troye Sivan’s new single My My My! and whilst he may be referring to his paramour, the openly gay singer and actor could just as easily be referring to himself.

His new single shows the growing progressing of a young man who has not just owned who he is but is now settling into his identity. There is none of the uneasiness that bubbled under the surface of his debut album Blue Neighbourhood.  My, My, My! is such an amiable summer pop song possessing an effervescence that his fans will love and will bring along new fans with Sivan’s restrained vocal providing the counterpoint to the bouncy rhythm and the airy synths.



With an initially blazing rise that set himself apart from his other YouTube compadres, Sivan is on track to become known on a broader worldwide stage and with My My My! he steps it up a level with a song imbued with a sense of pop and a palpable optimism.

Not convinced? Check out his music video directed by the sought after Grant Singer and you may just be converted.

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