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Wednesday 13 – What the Night Brings (Single Review)

What the Night Brings is the first single off Wednesday 13’s new album Condolences and the first piece of new music from Wednesday since 2015’s Monsters of the Universe. What the Night Brings builds on the heavy style that dominated Monsters of the Universe and draws elements largely from black metal, which is a darker turn from his traditional blend of punk, hard rock, horror and humour.

Wednesday utilises growling vocals over drawling riffs, showcasing the talents of Roman Surman and Jack Tankersly on guitar, Roman managing to use the lead to create a creepy unwinding overture to the crunching riff.

Troy Doebbler is given the chance to shine during the bridge, his bass-playing tying Wednesday’s chilling voiceover to the rest of the song.

What the Night Brings is also the first music video from Wednesday in many years, and it emphasises the heavy nature of the song with dark surroundings and the band dressed in make-up that clearly draws influence from black metal.

While What the Night Brings is a departure from the sound that fans will associate with Wednesday, he still manages to create a heavy but catchy riff that proves it is certainly a Wednesday 13 song, but one that offers a new vocal style and sinister, serious and less snarky lyrical content.

What the Night Brings is currently available on iTunes, along with a pre-order for Condolences, which will be released via Nuclear Blast Records on June 2.

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