‘SISTERS’ new single from INNOCENT EVE

Innocent Eve

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‘Sisters’ is the new single from Rachel and Bec Olsson, sister act Innocent Eve. The second single taken from the November 2016 EP “True North” is written about the three Olsson sisters; Bec, Rachel and Catherine who share a strong bond and who were all once in a covers band together. Although quite different in looks, personality and situation, they all share blue eyes and a determination to always have each other’s back, no matter what!

Reminiscent of legendary sister acts The Dixie Chicks and Wilson Phillips, Rachel and Bec have a growing reputation for their engaging live performances. Together they perform perfect harmonies as only sisters can.

Innocent Eve had a stellar 2016, performing on main-stages right across Australia at major festivals such as Urban Country Music Festival, Broadbeach Country Music Festival, Gympie Music Muster, Tamworth Country Music Festival and the inaugural Glenmaggie Country Rock Festival.

Five time Cruisin’ Country regulars and already booked to play on Cruisin’ Country 7 later this year, as well as the Airlie Beach Music Festival in November. Innocent Eve has achieved radio and chart success with all singles from their debut album Temporary Balms (released in 2015 by ARIA award-charting producer Joel Black). ‘A Little Bit’, ‘Into The Light’, ‘Every Woman’, ‘Let Me Be’ and ‘And We Sang’ all featured on the KIX Country Network – All Australian Top 20, the Country Tracks Top 40 and the Country Music Channel Top 50.

“True North” produced by multiple Golden Guitar and ARIA award-winning Matt Fell features six new songs all penned by the sister duo. First single, ‘Belly Glow’ is about feeling emotionally numb & wanting to feel the fire burning in your soul. It describes a deep yearning to feel something, anything.

Take a behind-the-scenes look at the recording of “True North” below

“Since embarking on our Innocent Eve journey almost three years ago, we’ve often felt unsure of where we fitted musically. The True North metaphor shone through for us when we were making this EP. The roots of it show that over a long distance, if a traveller were to follow Magnetic North on a compass they would likely end up well off course from their destination, but by following True North, the traveller will always reach their intended destination. We feel like we’ve tapped into our own True North while making this EP & we will follow it now to wherever it leads”, Rachel & Bec aka Innocent Eve said.

Innocent Eve have “True North” EP tour dates scheduled for Central QLD, Brisbane, the Latrobe Valley and Airlie Beach in the coming months.




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