Society Of Beggars are launching their eagerly anticipated EP ‘An EP Called Night’ with new single Old Haunts, a track that instantly sets the tone.

The new single charms and entices the listener and it isn’t long until you are crooning along with the husky vocals and feeling the chorus rushing deep through your chest.

“It’s that joyous feeling of journeying into a big night with friends from the past & present, and maybe some aren’t around anymore, but there’s a hopefulness that you can always channel that feeling together.” Says frontman Yianni Michalopoulos.

The alternative rock outfit sought out famed legendary producer Lindsay Gravina (Roland S. Howard, The Living End, Violent Soho) and their hard work was rewarded with ‘An EP Called Night’ – A six-track EP that meshes the feel of 90’s Alt-Rock with a modern groove and new uniquely Australian vocal style.

In 2016, Society of Beggars released the single An Angel Called Night, which received national and local radio play. The success of this release saw the band play to audiences across the country on their “A Tour Called Night” national tour, gaining notoriety as one of Australia’s most energetic and visceral live acts.

To celebrate the release of ‘An EP Called Night’ and new single Old Haunts, the band are doing it all over again with a 9 date tour of shows that are sure to cement their growing reputation as a must see live act.


Society Of Beggars



5th May Barwon Club, Geelong

11th May Frankie’s Pizza, Sydney

12th May Vic on the park, Sydney

13th May Phoenix, Canberra

19th May Bridge Hotel, Castlemaine

20th May Musicman Megastore, Bendigo

3rd June The Loft, Warrnambool

9th June Cherry Bar, Melbourne

17th June Ed Castle, Adelaide


Society Of Beggars


“The vocals hit hard and the depth and solid craft within the instrumentation makes An Angel Called Night an intriguing and entertaining listen.” – The AU Review

“The group’s commitment is evidenced by their sheer instrumental power and rich lyrical themes.” – Beat Magazine


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Society Of Beggars



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