Amnplify is always looking for MORE photographers, reviewers and interviewers in every state to cover the amazing talent Australia has on offer in every genre of music. Plus we regularly need Interns to help us carry out the administrative duties that include, Street TeamSocial Media, Editing, News and Event posting and maintaining our extensive Event Request process.



If you feel motivated to join a team of like minded people with a professional and disciplined attitude, then we want to hear from you. There will be plenty of benefits that come along over time and you will be a part of our growing network of active Australian music lovers.


Here’s what you need to do to apply to become an Amnplify Team member:

Fill out the online form HERE –

  • To become an Amnplify Photographer, you will spend some time as a Probationary Photographer before we invite you to join the main team. Here we can check out that you have the necessary skills and attitude required. How long you spend in the Probationary area depends on your skills and experience. All the while you will be receiving feedback from our Mentors, developing your skills, and observing what other Probationery Photographers are doing and learning from the feedback they receive as well.

  • To become a Writer, whether it be as an Interviewer or Reviewer, you will need to be able to communicate effectively and enjoy the demands of creative expression through your words.

  • To join the team as an Intern requires only your preparedness to do what the team needs in one of the many roles we have for our Interns. The challenges are greater, as are the rewards you gain from the experience.


Regardless of the role you are after, all members of the team need to follow our Amnplify Values as the non negotiable standards of our performance and our behaviour. Our core values of Trust, Service, Creativity, Adventure and Accountability help us navigate the necessary standards that come with the search for excellence in all we do.

So how about it? Are you keen? We are and we are waiting for your contact. It’s that easy!

Looking forward to seeing you on the team really soon.



Dave Bruce
CEO and Founder

[email protected]
0411 116 309




My nickname is “The Amnplifier”. Why? Because around here my focus is on being a conduit for providing greater outcomes that people come here for. My day to day “work” is living in the moment, and I love helping others concentrate on finding their connection to themselves through their experiences.

Why start a music environment? The truth is I love music, I love writing, and I love life. I work with musicians every day, and I feel certain that I will be until they put me in the ground. I have been managing people in businesses of some sort for over thirty five years so along the way I have developed some “wisdom” from my regular and constant “observations”.

Amnplify your experience. That is what we want you to do here, and if you want to let me know why you do, or don’t, shoot me a message on Facebook.

Hope you enjoy yourself here and find something that hits you somewhere.