drop video for new tune


and sign to new label


Wowee, campers. Bundles in the works for WEST THEBARTON. Here goes: they’ve signed to brand new label DOMESTIC LA LA (helmed by Violent Soho’s James Tidswell). ‘Bible Camp’ is their new single. There’s a video for it. AND they’re about to hit the road with Polish Club!

New single Bible Camp is ripe to be hailed the soulful rock’n’roll tune of the year. Frenetic, electric, and urgent, it builds until your hands are waving maniacally in the air like some fevered preacher hustlin’ for baptisms. Reverend Ray’s hot and husky vocals are as powerful as they’ve ever been; the guitars crisp but warm. Underneath that goodness, there’s a simple, sweet, lovesick message. Read more about that below. Oof.

Directed by Aaron Schuppan (Cosmo Thundercat), the narrative video perfectly reflects the energy of this ripper tune.



‘Bible Camp’ was inspired by a story Ray’s Mum told him about her uni days in Manila. He explains; “two of the blokes used the camp as a retreat to meet up, as their extremely Catholic families wouldn’t ever accept them being with each other. Apparently one of their Dads wasn’t too happy when he was made aware and had come down there after finding out… My Mum, Dora saw the Dad kicking in the head of his son’s lover”  This tune imagines an alternative outcome; one where the lovers fall in love on camp, then spend the ensuing years dreaming of, and drawing enlightenment from their brief, sweet time together…

Domestic La La is a brand new label spearheaded by Violent Soho’s James Tidswell, in partnership with Unified Music Group. Says Tidswell of the band,  “West Thebarton are honest, real, and full of heart, the spirit and energy in their music literally jumps through the speakers and connects with me, giving me an emotion I didn’t know I was feeling and that’s about as good as it gets. I fucking LOVE them!

Following some seriously raucous appearances at BIGSOUND (which, we might add, kicked off more than a little industry scuffling), the band have been added to the Byron Bay FALLS FESTIVAL line-up. They are equally psyched to tread the boards with party rock duo POLISH CLUB on their Chrissy time tour.

Get it through your skulls folks: this rabble is on the up and up.



Friday 1 December
The Zoo, Brisbane 
w/ Polish Club

Saturday 2 December
The Metro Theatre, Sydney
w/ Polish Club

Friday 8 December
The Croxton Bandroom, Melbourne
w/ Polish Club

Friday 15 December
Adelaide UniBar, Adelaide
w/ Polish Club

Saturday 16 December
Rosemount Hotel, Perth
w/ Polish Club

Sunday 31 December
NYE on the Hill, South Gippsland

Tuesday 2 January
Falls Festival, Byron Bay



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