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+ Tyne James Organ

@ Factory Theatre


(Live Review)

Reviewer: Chantelle Lace


Most would say that Jake Bugg is exactly what this generation needed and with a sold out show in Sydney on Thursday night, it was pretty clear that Bugg’s talent and creativity starting from a young age hasn’t been unnoticed. It was a full house at the Factory Theatre with a wide variety of audience members, the young, the old and just as many tourists in that room as there were aussies.

Starting off the night was Wollongong born, Melbourne based singer/songwriter Tyne-James Organ who shared his deep and intimate tracks including ‘Watch You Go’. Songwriting is clearly incredibly natural for Organ as his lyrics are filled with such emotion which really makes you admire his strength and passion in his creativity. Towards the end of his set Tyne-James Organ played his funky, acoustic rendition of Michael Jackson’s ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’ which had the entire crowd moving. He shared gratitude at the end of his set and mentioned that he appreciated the opportunity to support Jake Bugg in which the entire audience applauded.

After what seemed like an elongated intermission, it was time for Jake Bugg to hit the stage. With nothing but a microphone placed in the centre, it was all the crowd really wanted and needed for the epic night ahead. Dressed in his dark attire, holding his guitar, on his lonesome with nothing but a smoke machine in the background, Jake Bugg completely owned that stage. Starting off his set with I’ve Been Feeling It Too’ and then went on the announce that he will be playing an array of tracks from various albums over the years. Saffron’ and Slide’ were performed next as he took us back to some of his original songs. What I appreciate about Jake Bugg aside from his insane talents, is his ability to have kept up his own unique style and sound. The sound that has made him known around the globe. Starting his career off at an early age in his teens and being able to continue the image that he so greatly created is an achievement. His rhythmic country and folk vibes have continued to strengthen over his youthful years and it was clear that no matter what the hype was for his current album, he wanted to take us back to the origins of his own experience as an artist.


Throughout the night Bugg showed off a little personality with his sarcastic humour and cheeky smirks. Audience members tried to put through their requests, although he made it clear that he was the one who was in control of the set list that night. When it comes to his personality I got the vibe that Bugg is somewhat reserved yet chilled out, in saying this, he is more than capable of being able to entertain. The highlight of the night was when he played his cover of Johnny Cash’s Folsom Prison Blues’. The crowd went wild for this one as it gave us a bit of input into the influences and inspirations in which Bugg has taken on to make his unique music. To witness what we would all think is Bugg’s maximum in terms of creativity and production would more than likely be false, for an artist at the age of 24 we can only imagine what he is capable of delivering to us in the coming years.

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