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The way we communicate is changing every day. In the past, you could share all your content with all of your contacts on Facebook; Free. Not anymore!. Now you have to pay to spread your message. Sure, you can pay to target specific groups but how can you be sure your message will reach an interested audience? How will the popular platforms of today change in the future? How will this further affect the ability to get your message across? How do you decide which platform to put your faith in?

In the last decade, we’ve seen countless social media platforms rise and fall in and out of popularity. Myspace, Google+, iTunes Ping,, Diaspora, Xanga, Digg, Friendster; where are they today? You’d have to have a crystal ball to know which way technology will change. 

So the question remains, is there a way you can capture your public, develop your brand, expand your following and still take advantage of the popular platforms? OneBigLink is the answer.

OneBigLink allows you to share your major social media posts, personal website, Soundcloud and YouTube clips in one streamlined link. Easily bookmarked by your fans and followers, OneBigLink eliminates the tedium of searching through multiple platforms to connect with your content and removes the risk of your followers getting distracted away from your profiles in the process. With the click of a button, your fans will have access to the most recent posts from your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, personal website, YouTube Channel and Soundcloud all in one.

With OneBigLink, YOU can decide what is shared and when it is shared to ensure you get your message across exactly the way you want.

When you sign up to OneBigLink:

    • Your last three posts on Facebook and Twitter show up automatically so your content is always changing.

    • You can display your YouTube and Soundcloud clips and personal website links.

    • You can change the layout as often as you like. One day you may want all your profiles on display and the next, just your Instagram. This function allows you to promote specific content in accordance with your current goals. 

    • There are no censors on your content and you will never have to pay to send your message to anyone that has access to your personal link. The monthly price does not change whether you have 100 or 1,000,000 people checking in.

    • You can create and install visually stunning takeover images to enhance the desktop view that can display important promotions and branding.

    • Development updates will include any new site that enters the market so you won’t lose your followers when a site loses theirs.



We have now added further functions to OneBigLink.

  • Analytic capabilities for each OneBigLink

  • Favourites – The ability to select favourites from the growing directory of artists

Why wait to start building your future following? Start sharing the whole picture today.

Click HERE to check out the artists who are already taking advantage of OneBigLink.

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