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+ Lower Than Atlantis

+ The Faim

@ Fowlers Live


(Live Review)

Reviewer: Ashleigh Law

Ashleigh Law Photography

Four piece Perth band The Faim started the night with a killer set. High energy from all the band members jumping around the stage, including Sean Tighe who didn’t let sitting on a drum kit stop him from moving around. He was head banging, throwing his arms up and doing awesome stick flicks and spins. Super high energy audience including the crowd going crazy when Josh Raven took his jacket off showing some pretty big guns. Crowd favourite song from the night was ‘Make Believe’. 

Ashleigh Law Photography

Lower Than Atlantis were up next, four piece touring band from the UK. The crowd showed great energy, obviously loving their set. There was some moshing and even got a circle pit going. Awesome set by a cool band, it was great to watch.

Ashleigh Law Photography

Lastly, the band everyone was eager to finally see – Sleeping With Sirens! The dark room soon filled with bright stage lights as the band entered the stage, Kellin Quinn’s bright red microphone standing out, and they kicked off their show with ‘We Like It Loud’. Guitarist, Nick Martin, started the crowd with singing Happy Birthday to Kellin. Then they slowed it down for some acoustic songs, including crowd favourite ‘Roger Rabbit’. Kellin did his famous beatboxing remix during the song. 

It was a hot gig, on stage and in the crowd, but that didn’t stop the audience and the band members from putting in as much energy as they could. Sleeping With Sirens were jumping around the stage and showing off their personalities through a high-energy set. Kellin Quinn specifically throwing and spinning the microphone around. 

Ashleigh Law Photography

During a quiet part of ‘If You Can’t Hang’, drummer Gabe Barham threw his drumsticks to the sound check guys standing side stage then they threw them back and he kept drumming the song. Jack Fowler showed off his astonishing guitar skills during his solo in ‘Congratulations’ and the crowd went crazy. Oodles of arms in the air as the crowd screamed the lyrics to ‘Legends’, another crowd favourite from the night and the finale. 

Luckily, the band came out for an encore and they saved their best three songs for last. Starting with their oldest song from the set – ‘If I’m James Dean’‘Then You’re Audrey Hepburn’. The band finished their set with ‘Legends’ and this had the crowd going insane, singing every single word. 

Ashleigh Law Photography

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