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Northern Rivers ambient electronica songstress Ladi Abundance had only just recovered from jetlag after a trip to India when she hit the Earth Frequency stage in Queensland a few weeks after doing some recording in Dehli and several shows in Goa. Her haunting new video has been released  – “I Can’t Get In” is out now on YouTube, iTunes, Spotify etc.



The track was self-produced and recorded, mixed by Chris Wesely and mastered by Pauly P. The evocative music video was created by Megz Noel from BLAC Media Productions.

Ladi’s next hometown gig is on Friday 16th March at Byron Bay Brewery.

Ladi Abundance music encompasses feminine empowerment, spiritual evolution and emotional processing, as she shares a perspective into her inner world with honest tracks that add spice through soul, hip-hop, and ambient electronica. Self-described as a “fiend for vocal harmonies”, all of Miss Abundance’s songs are melodic, harmony rich and dramatic.

Speaking in depth about “I Can’t Get In”, Ladi Abundance said Honestly this is a song of grief, when you can no longer reach someone who you once thought you knew intimately.  I think it also speaks to the mental health issues of today’s society, where people have the tendency to shut down and shut others out when they are in pain.  I wrote this song alongside several others last year as part of a cathartic healing process.  This healing process continued into my recent trip to India which was nothing short of amazing.  I was able to meet and collaborate with so many accomplished musicians from all parts of the world which made me realize that life has a funny way of taking care of us in ways we could never write ourselves.  It was so good to express this newfound inspiration at Earth Frequency.  Earth Freq has a special place in my heart as it was the host of my very first Ladi Abundance show in 2011.  Since then I have played every year in various line ups from 9 piece band to solo electronic.  This year I was joined by some great musicians (Jack Brereton on guitar, Ben Buckley on electronic kit and Sarah Louise on electric fiddle) who added colour to my produced tracks.”


Ladi Abundance




“There is no denying that Ms. Ladi Abundance has some killer vocal talents”
4ZZZ fm

“Ladi Abundance provided an earthy set that showcased how strong the local scene has become”
Scene Magazine

“Overall, an amazing night. I don’t think I stopped grooving throughout the entire set”
MouthZoff Magazine

“Given their energetic and alluring femininity and vocals, they may be considered the up and coming femme fatale of the Australian music scene, enticing, seducing and capturing your undivided attention while they deliver a performance that is simply ‘on the edge'”
Live Guide

“The freshest sound to grace the streets of South East Queensland”
Earth Freq


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