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Lorde – Green Light (Single Review)

After 4 years of living her life Lorde is back, surprisingly, with the dance hall banger Green Light. The Kiwi songstress has mentioned that Green Light is the first chapter from her forthcoming sophomore album Melodrama that covers the last few years of her life. If Green Light is any indication this new album should touch on the rite of passages experienced from adolescence into a woman’s tumultuous twenties.




With producer Jack Antonoff at the helm, the most noticeable difference from Lorde’s previous releases is the banging almost tribal drum beats and piano that form the defiant rhythm for Lorde’s vocals to spin in a whirling dervish as she deals with heartbreak, fury and the longing for rebirth. What this duo delivers is Lorde’s most accessible song to date, and a dance worthy hit, and make no mistake this will be a huge hit. With its unexpected chord change, huge chorus and that sucker-punch line, “She thinks you like the beach, you’re such damn liar”, Green Light is a deliciously anguished shout into the night that suggests that she has so much more to tell. A glorious return for New Zealand’s Queen.

Photo - Andrew Whiten

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