IDYLLS release their single MASLOWS DOGS


The coveted, reclusive, Brisbane experimental grindcore band IDYLLS have released Maslows Dogs (via Cvlt Nation). It is the first single off their upcoming third LP through Holy Roar Records (UK/EU) & Black Wire Records (AU).

IDYLLS is a waterfall of dissonance, the powerful sonic oscillations between open wound and healing process. Their abrasive sound is a meticulous ode to self-limitations and a no-wave desire to remain scattered, chronically shedding through selves and genres.

Maslows Dogs is the sound of humanity’s binary grinding upon itself, and will be toured in dates across Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne this Autumn.

–A surreal portrait of lives fully realized within the sheltered compound of something I suppose could be called neoliberal modernity. What are the psychological byproducts of a success defined entirely by normative systems and structures of power? How do people live together after being coded as separately competing individuals, and what do we hide and deny by taking on those roles? What happens when we become conditioned to respond to the prompts and tropes of individual self-actualization without the reward ever actually arriving, and what about those for whom the promise of reward was never there to start with? I don’t know; I’m not a theorist. Seems pretty fucked though.–


Holy Roar, Black Wire & Mellum presents:

Maslows Dogs Tour – Australia

Monday 24 April (Anzac Eve) | The Foundry, Brisbane
w/ AH MER AH SU (USA) & Tralala Blip

Thursday 27 April | The Red Rattler (Death to Black Wire)
w/ Infinite Void, Orion, Canine & Burlap

Saturday 13 May | The Tote
w/ TBA