Palmerslum Announce New EP ‘Bloodhounds’

Evolving from the warm primordial goo of the top end of Australia, three piece Melbourne punk/rock outfit Palmerslum combine their unique blend of alternative punk rock and melodic grooves to their newest sonic offering – their righteous and riotous EP Bloodhounds. Recorded at the famous Birdland Studios and mixed by the legendary Lindasy Gravina, Bloodhounds features cover art by in-demand illustrator/ comic artist Tim Molloy.

Palmerslum moved to Melbourne in 2015 and blast out bouncy heavy riffs that will make you mosh til you drop. The band have one running theme : The joys of growing up in the sweat pit that is Darwin and they channel that energy into their music.

Featuring Scott Stronarch on the drums and Nathan Edwards on the bass, the music all comes together with Chris Cleveland’s fat guitar sounds and melodic yet powerful vocals to form a unique sound that captures their punky Darwin vibe.

Since the release of their first EP in 2015 the band have been picking up momentum, going from strength to strength, getting tighter as a band and playing heaps of gigs around Melbourne. With their brand new super fresh EP Bloodhouds unleashed onto the world, plus a run of exciting shows booked to launch the EP, Palmerslum have a fun few months unfurling before them.

Originally from Darwin, both Chris and Nathan have been playing music together since 2005 but it wasn’t until they moved to Melbourne and formed Palmerslum in 2015 when they met Scott (originally from Newcastle) that it all really came together musically, and the band have been carving a niche on their new home turf. The band’s hard working attitude has led to many opportunities, accelerating progress, but what really makes Palmerslum tick is the total lack of limitations and the creative process associated with music.

Palmerslum live shows are entertaining, dynamic and high energy and it is little wonder they have been playing alongside some of Melbourne’s best bands including Don Fernando, Sherriff, Keggin, Animal Hands, Two Headed Dog, along with playing a sold out show at TV Eye with Swidgen and the infamous Peeping Tom plus more.

Palmerslum are one of those bands who continue to exceed expectations and they really enjoy constantly pushing the boundaries of contemporary punk rock. That tenacity coupled with a devil may care attitude plus an ongoing relationship with Lindsay Gravina harnessing their sound, they have just began to write an album. Their future is very bright indeed. But for now, take in their snotty brilliance via their new EP Bloodhounds and stay tuned to your gig guides for launch gigs coming up in Melbourne and the Eastern seaboard.

So strap in….it only gets better from here….




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